Brand ME, Social Media, and Job Searching

Right now, I’m in limbo.  I left my job at Nordstrom to have the time to look for greater opportunities, and am leaving to visit Israel at the end of the month.  In the meantime, I applied to the Chicago Portfolio School, am looking for jobs everyday, and am trying to stay sane in my parents’ home.  I think I would feel better if I was able to get my foot in the door of the advertising agency before it’s becomes a year since I graduated.

Picking through jobs on the Internet is one thing, but social media presence is also important for obtaining a career in advertising.  Obviously, I’m on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn, as well as trying to keep up with this blog (fail), but posting on social media sites is more complex than tweeting about what you’re doing for the day.  I found this helpful article talking about how companies have recently relied on social media sites in job recruiting: “A Recruiters’ Perspective: Job Boards and Career Websites.

The article is outlined by the subheaders “Building Your Brand,” “Utilizing Job Boards,” “Leveraging Social Media Sites,” and “Social Media Job Listings.”  I liked how the article described social media as a platform where you can actively and aggressively search for jobs, but also as one where you can passively place yourself in the job market and career world to receive job offers even if you’re not directly on the market (I’ve heard of many people accepting jobs this way as an upgrade from their current job, which may not have been working for them).

The article is summarized at the end by stating, “Regardless of which sites you use to find your next job, it is important to remember that you are building your brand and, ultimately, selling yourself.”  So, social media is a great tool to get other people to get to know you and your skills, experience, etc.  It is not the only way to get your name out there, but probably one of the most accessible and easiest way to build brand YOU.

With that note, I’m looking forward to continuing my web presence on the various social media platforms available out there.  I’m also looking forward to keeping up with this blog, searching for jobs, and creating an online portfolio.


After a long hiatus, I’m back!

I can’t believe how fast the past few months have gone by!  My life has changed a lot since I graduated, but I’m seeking some even greater changes now.

Currently, I work retail at Nordstrom Old Orchard.  I work in the designer sunglasses / accessories department and have been there since the end of June.  It’s okay.  I’d really prefer to get my foot in the door of the advertising industry and begin my career.  Commission-based retail is tough, and can be a real downer right now because of the economy.  At least I’ve received excellent training that has not only applied to my position at Nordstrom, but has included skills that will be helpful in future endeavors as well (i.e. customer service training, diversity training, loss prevention/theft, and general experience with promoting myself professionally).

While working at Nordstrom, I haven’t had much free time.  It took me the while summer to put a creative  resume together, and I recently ran it by a Marquette career counselor and put the final touches on it.  So now all that’s left is to start applying for jobs, and boy is it intimidating!  I’m constantly trying to network with Marquette alum and family friends.  I’ve applied for only a few jobs so far, and feel I still need to get my portfolio online.  It’s a job to get a job, and I just wish I had more time in my week.  However, the holiday season is drawing near and I’m afraid I won’t get much done for another month or so.

All in all, landing my first “REAL” job has been the big goal.  It’s my next step in life and I’m looking forward to it.  Although I’m overwhelmed and frustrated with the job search process, the best I can do is put in as much effort as I can and hope that I land that first job sometime in the near future.

Movies I MUST See!

With all the hubbub and hooha of awards season, I really must say that my theater visits have been few and far between.  I saw only a small portion of the movies that won the most awards this year, and I feel like I missed out some good ones.  These are the movies I am looking forward to seeing:

1. Black Swan
2. The King’s Speech
3. Rango
4. Beastly
5. The Kids are All Right
6. 127 Hours
7. Winter’s Bone
8. The Adjustment Bureau
9. Take Me Home Tonight
10. Gnomeo and Juliet

LINK: 14 Tips to Make a Better Portfolio Site

I found this link with helpful tips to keep in mind while designing your portfolio site.  The tips help work out kinks in possible layout issues, contact information, image-viewing, and self-branding.

Read 14 Tips to Make a Better Portfolio Site here.

The Young One’s 2011 Ad Competition

I recently received an email from one of my teachers about an interesting advertising endeavor that I’m sure would help out with my career search (if I won).  The 2011 One Show College Competition at is based on creating brand awareness for City Harvest’s mission to help NYC’s poor and homeless.  You can visit the competition website to view a PDF version of the creative brief, as well as submission requirements, formats, and other details.  Although there is a lot of work to put behind an entire media campaign, the results seems well worth it.  My teacher enticed us by citing how the top winners receive prestigious job offers across the country!  Surely, this would be a rewarding competition to enter and a good goal to strive for.

Risk and Rejection, The Dark Side of Art (reblog)

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via Risk Play Create, My Search for Authenticity


This attractive lad caught my eye… was he in Spiderman with Tobey Maguire or am I mistaken?

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